August 12, 2012

An interwoven relation

Two friends with opposite ideologies had a letter exchange once.

Dear Mr. Change,

I would never indulge in a debate with you over something that was established centuries ago. After several arguments with you, today I decided to write as to why I matter to the world as we know it. Why I, being the sole reason of everything, should be respected for my unique traits. I had envisioned long ago, even before Adam dated Eve with an apple to eat, that by remaining immovable, I would provide greater meaning to the universe. I understood that by remaining committed to the idea of not shifting base, by adopting quantitative loyalty as the highest virtue, by maintaining same position for eternity, I would get the recognition of being uniquely unique. Realisation of staying at one place made me experience advantages of life. The almighty created me to not let you take over the world. Not to allow you to complicate his already complex creation. Even the same almighty doesn't interfere in my nature. For, I am his only hope in letting him keep the commanding position for eternity. I provide him his authority. That is why, despite scientific world leading human inventions, God is still God. I am his scientific prototype. My bum is so comfortably placed that I refuse to wander in other areas even if they look different or interesting. You have accused me of being lazy without knowing me well. Let me make it clear to you, I am neither lazy nor do I believe in escapism. I am definite, I am certain. I follow same principles in any given space or time. I have my eyes on everything. Everything that comes and goes around is dependent on my presence. It is I who monitor what is going wrong with you at play. I carry the confidence of being supreme in the times of uncertainty. I stand, sit, dance, cry without leaving my space. Being same year after year is a cause that I am committed to. And you will never understand what it means to be the same. I help mathematicians and physicists to know their world better. I define E=MC2, Pi=3.14. My association with life and death is set before humans were created. God created humans and their lives in advance. How can manage without me? You keep jumping aimlessly without any respect for humanity, nature. History can not be defined if I am not on the job. Schools, colleges, research thesis are all dependent on my existence. Marriages are successful because I, as a virtue in human life, exist. I am the alpha, the Omega of the world. Leaders, countries, climates believe in standards I set. Barring few cases where you have acquired a space unlawfully, I rule the rest. Region, Religion, Geography carry my characteristics. People who refuse to believe in you turn to me. And I respectfully embrace them. Human relationships stand to the test of time because of my existence. You don't even know what loyalty, commitment mean. The indisciplined life that you live is nothing but a recipe for disaster. You confuse people. Why should I even waste my time arguing with you Mr. Change.

Yours superior,
The Constant.

Dear Mr. Constant,

      I just love the way you put those scientific equations every time I warn you of your limited meaning to the world as we know it. Such an exemplary effort, but to limited success. The great thing about you is the way you keep showing the same face everyday. Sometimes I wish to appreciate you for the rigidity you display. I am not a conservative individual who loves himself. I shall point out why you don't carry the weight anymore. Your attitude toward life needs overhauling. Open your eyes, look around. See what is visible. I rule what was your empire once. Human virtues are defined with my support. In fact, I have become a virtue that humans believe in. Barring communists who feel pride in having you as an ideology, I help others define themselves. Every being has started believing in the power that I only can provide. Marriages used to be based on idea of you. Look around my friend, that's not the case anymore. Even mother nature has never put trust in you. Didn't you hear about climate change ? Even democracy relies on my existence. I give this world the meaning of exploration. Why from foreign policy to domestic elections, I have become core of everything? Nothing, not even a great scientific basis that you give yourself, is your world anymore. Ask those Mathematicians, Physicists who are thinking of re-defining the same pi= 3.14. You are not trusted anymore. Don't they need me to carry the humanity forward. Great scientists, who once defined you, are now being questioned (I hope they are also investigating that Einstein who propagated you endlessly). You have taught humans all foolish virtues. You have held me back for years. No more the case. I have also had effect on Philosophy, mythology that the world talks about. I rule on every part of universe. The almighty is dependent on you, but see what effect I have on genders that that very almighty creates. He too needs my support for his factory of human production. I take effect there as well. What is your value to humans if I don't exist ? You talk about region, religion. Pay attention, I take effect on region, religion, geography. I have redefined happiness across universe. I have my effect not only on food items, but also television, films, songs. Economies of the world are taking my help to answer the age old questions posed by rigidity you carry. It is me what Middle East uprisings are striving for. I am sought by opposition parties in every country. Every walk of life has my prominent presence. Your days are numbered. It is high time you start giving me credit for keeping human life interesting. Look at yourself, nothing but an age old entity that is being forced out by this planet. I have replaced you as policy. I accommodate. You keep your head high by disappointing one and all. Give up this rigidity, and you shall be saved in some little way. You bore people, why even I should waste my time on you?

Your replacement,
The Change.

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